NeoMed Claims Flow

The most advanced tool that allows the physician or medical biller to view the current status of all claims, transactions and payments with the Claim Flow application.

NeoMed Rx

NeoMed Rx is an application that allows you to create and send electronic prescriptions from any location. Submit your prescriptions from your mobile device. Allows you to create new patients right from the app and quickly repeat and send existing patient’s prescriptions. 

NeoDeck - NeoMed RX App 4

NeoMed Capture

NeoMed Capture is an application included in NeoMed that allows you to perform the different functions of computer accessories & peripherals such as scanners, cameras and signature pads in a single application from any mobile device.


NeoMed Check in

Telemedicine on any mobile device with the NeoMed Check In application that enhances the communication between healthcare providers and their patients.


Patient Vault

Patient Vault allows you to connect instantly with your doctors, see what they posted on your record, chat with them or their staff, exchange documents, such as your medical certificate or your payment receipts, and much more, all while keeping your data encrypted and secured.


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